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Underrated Source of Customers: A Google My Business Listing

It’s costly to setup your own marketing campaign from scratch. You’ll have to pay ad space from Google through Google Ads, get radio or TV spots for your commercials, and even try your hand at old-fashioned print advertising on newspapers and posters.

Why not use the GMB listing instead? So join me as we get a Google My Business Listing to get a nice flow of leads and customers to your business today!

Boost Your Business with Google My Business

GMB refers to Google My Business. It lists your company website or company details like a digital yellow pages.

  • GMB as a Business Listing: This versatile tool is usually overlooked because it’s so old-fashioned. It involves getting listed there like an old-fashioned online directory. Think the curated results of Yahoo before it too became an automated search engine.
  • Free Marketing Empowerment: A GMB listing has the best price ever of zero dollars. However, you must first quickly google your business to see if you have a GMB listing. If there’s none, you need to put up one by signing into the service with your Google Account.
  • Enter Your Business Information: Once you’re prompted by GMB, add a listing by entering your business name, business category, business hours, address or service area, contact number, and URL of the website. Make sure your info is accurate and typo-free.
  • Claim Ownership: There are times when your business is already listed on Google because users tend to do so on your behalf if they’re regular customers. Either claim or request ownership of the listing then control your GMB presence from there.
  • Great for Startups: Add or claim a GMB listing because it’s important for most businesses as a source of potential customers. It’s active, people use it since it’s Google and they trust the brand, and it proves old digital directories still work.
  • Digital Yellow Pages: Instead of depending on the Google algorithm or A.I. to seek proper search results through contextual clues on search signals on popular websites, you can have your business and its webpage curated and listed on Google My Business instead.
  • For Startups and Established  Businesses: Google My Business gets the right kind of eyeballs on your business whether it’s a newly established startup or it has existed for years but has low visibility online because save for social media posts.

The Verdict

Instead of paying thousands of dollars on print advertising, TV spots, radio jingles, and even online CPC (cost-per-click) campaigns, use the Internet to list your business for relatively free. The return of investment for free advertisement is huge regardless of how much you get from it.

It’s something for relatively nothing (except maybe your time). Instead of getting a return that’s a tiny fraction of what you paid, you can use this versatile free tool to pay dividends at the fraction of the cost (your time, maybe).